The Good Soil Trust

The Good Soil Trust

A charity for people struggling with life for many reasons. Our purpose is to bring hope and transformation.

Growing Lives. Releasing potential

Our Vision
In our society, there are many people who struggle with life for a variety of reasons including unemployment, homelessness, addiction, crime and mental health. Those that find themselves in these situations can often feel marginalised and trapped. With Christian values at the heart of Good Soil, our vision is to see these lives transformed releasing potential and hope regardless of background, race, sexual orientation and religious persuasion.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide a safe, non-threatening family environment where adults can develop essential life skills and can be equipped and empowered to lead meaningful and independent lives. We aim to take individuals out of the chaos and confusion that can often prevail during change and offer:

• Alternative outdoor environment
• Physical and meaningful activity
• Healthy food
• Positive relationships
• Spiritual input

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Welcome to Colwall Community Church! We are always glad to meet you in a relaxing atmosphere.

Address: Walwyn Road, Colwall, WR13 6QG. ............................................Charity Number 1143657


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