Missions We Support

At CoCoChu we believe in supporting people in need in our own village and all over the world. We are not always free to do the work ourselves but we really believe in supporting the people that can go. The charities and group that we have chosen to support are headed up by people that CoCoChu have personal contact with on the ground, so that we can visit or give financially to those in need. We are in contact with these missions, receiving updates and are able to impact these communities with any needs that are current and relevant.

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by how much need there is in other people’s lives, that we don’t know where to start but it is important to start somewhere. Mother Theresa who was a world famous missionary that pretty much everyone has heard of. Someone once said to her, “Why do you do what you do? There is so much need in the world, how can you make a difference? What you’re doing is just a drop in the ocean.” Her response was, “The ocean is made of drops…”

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