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Painting Paraguay

I paint bible scenes and verses onto wooden boards which we take out all over the country and give to schools/hospitals/children’s homes/prisons/town halls/police & fire stations … practically anywhere.

As well as an opportunity to share the gospel, we get to leave a lasting colourful reminder of God’s promises and His love. To date there’s more than 700 of these on public walls throughout the country, and as long as we can, we’ll continue.

Web site: www.PaintingParaguay.com

Here is their latest Newsletter

To all our friends at CoCoChu,
No newsletter going out this month, just a simple old fashioned email to keep people like your good selves in the loop, to say thank you for your continued support through these trying times and to remind you that we’re grateful to you, and praying for you.
We hope this finds you as well as you possibly can be, during this continued strange and difficult time. 
We have hesitated to send news out as we see England going through a much worse time and to send news from here seems so insignificant in comparison. But we’re reminded that despite what the tv news or any newspaper tells us … God is in control and you and we are hidden in Him and under the shelter of His wings. Our times and lives are in His hands. 
Here things are pretty much the same – so there’s not much real news to report.
We’re still unable to go out to schools of course and our work has changed but the message is the same one – God loves you. Jesus died for you. He has a purpose and a good plan for your life and when He calls you home, heaven is real. 
So we are much more involved in our little town, particularly our neighbourhood. Mainly still making up and handing out food parcels to needy families,  families with special needs situations, sick spouses, disabled, sick children and widows. Making up and including different tracts with a clear salvation message or a comforting psalm. After giving the bibles out to every home in our town last year, to be able to continue to show the practical love of Jesus for these people in a tangible way is still a huge blessing for us.
As far as Covid is concerned – the borders with Argentina remain closed, the border with Brazil is open but more controlled. Paraguay is doing quite well all things considered and everyone is aware that the health system here simply couldn’t cope with a more serious outbreak. The collateral damage here is still loss of day to day income and poverty is on the rise. 
We have no idea when the vaccine will be available and no idea when or how we will be able to get back to UK. We miss our families and we miss that freedom, but if we were back right now we wouldn’t be able to see anybody anyway. Whether we are 10 miles away or 10,000 miles away – the situation would be pretty much the same.
Anyway – we want to thank you for your love, prayers and support. But more than that we want you to know that we are concerned for you and praying for you. 
May that Christmas message ‘Emmanuel – God is with us’ comfort and encourage you every single day of this year ahead. We wish you a happy, blessed and Healthy 2021!
God bless you and keep you in every way.
Much love 
Jamie and Marion

Local contact: Sarah   01684 541643


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