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Covid-19 – We are now meeting face to face

We have begun face to face meetings at our Silver Street Site. This building has plenty of ventilation and space. We cannot tell you the joy we feel meeting in person again. Please visit our Sunday Services page for more details.

For more information please e-mail office@colwallcommunitychurch.com

We would love to welcome you at this difficult time…

Heres what our online meetings look like.
Friendly faces all lifting each others spirits in such unknown time.

We are hearing from some of the members of our congregation in a new series called “Life in Lockdown”. This unpacks the emotions, challenges and how God is with us even in the dark times. These newsletters are included below please click on the links and hear their story. Be encouraged…YOU are not alone!


Welcome to Colwall Community Church! We’re always glad to meet you with relaxing atmosphere.

Address: Walwyn Road, Colwall, WR13 6QG. ............................................Charity Number 1143657

Email: office@colwallcommunitychurch.com

Come find us and enjoy a great time.