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The Silver Street Project

Our church purchased a site in Colwall called Silver Street, off Stone Drive, Colwall, WR136QJ. As a community, we raised over £200,000 for the purchase of this site. We are so proud of this. As well as the church family, many people in the wider community also donated generously. We are so grateful for all the contributions received. It was a real community effort. Currently, an architect is working with us to draw up a framework for how the site could best be used in the future. We envisage joint church and community use. 

We have recently heard our application to Herefordshire Council for change of use was successful.

Silver Street Motors, Stone Drive, Colwall, Malvern, WR13 6QJ
DESCRIPTION: Proposed change of use from a garage (B2) to a place of worship (D1)

Silver Street can now be used as a place of worship. HALLELUJAH. This is a significant move forward in our Silver Street project and we are VERY VERY excited. We also intend to obtain full planning permission by the end of 2019 to allow us to apply for community grants.

We will keep you updated on our next steps over the coming months. If you have any questions in the meantime do feel free to ask by contacting our church office.

Click on the link below to review our next steps and find out more about the project and its vision.


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