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About Us

CoCoChu is a community of people who have either already discovered or are on a journey to discovering that there is a God who created them, wants to interact with them and, most importantly, loves them.  We are also a family which cares for each other through the many ups and downs of life.  Like all families we are not perfect and we get things wrong, but we know we are loved and forgiven and want to share this with the community of Colwall around us.

On a Sunday morning there are around 40 people who meet together at 10:30 at the Silver Street Site, Stone Drive, Colwall, WR13 6QJ.  It’s old and rustic but ideal at the moment with plenty of ventilation and space.  Everyone is welcome!  The children currently have worksheets and crafts throughout the service.  When we meet together it is relaxed and informal, but we are serious about God and what we really want is to see people’s lives changed for the better as they engage with God.


Welcome to Colwall Community Church! We’re always glad to meet you with relaxing atmosphere.

Address: Walwyn Road, Colwall, WR13 6QG. ............................................Charity Number 1143657

Email: office@colwallcommunitychurch.com

Come find us and enjoy a great time.